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The privacy policy and terms and conditions of the GCS Web site

Goben Convention Services respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it at all times. This GCS Internet Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, and safeguard information on this website. All information collected online by GCS Exposition Services or its affiliates, will be governed by the GCS Internet Privacy Policy.

We strive to make the most of every users visit to our website. To provide our users with goods and services, we will, from time to time request that you provide us with personal information. In addition, we will ask you for additional personal information if you want to access your GCS account(s) online or request online goods and/or services so we can provide you with secure online account access or the requested goods and/or services. In some instances, we will need to supplement the information you provided with certain personal information about you obtained from third parties to process your online transaction.

We will maintain information about your account, online account activity, online goods and/or services requested and your usage of our website to help us administer your online account needs and to continually improve your online experience by providing you with customized, relevant information and offers.

We do not knowingly solicit data online from or market online to children under the age of 13. If you are a parent or guardian of a child under the age of 13 and believe that personal information may have been collected about such child, please see How We Use The Information We Collect and Your Opt-Out Choices.

How We Use The Information We Collect

Whether you are a new website user or a GCS customer, we use personal information collected on our website to better understand how our customers use the website and the various features thereof, as well as to help us fit offerings to you as a customer, to conduct market research and to handle the transactions you initiate. In some instances, we will share your contact information with carefully selected companies to assist us in processing your online transactions or to deliver the goods and/or services you request online. We may also share your personal information with carefully selected non-affiliated companies who provide transactional services or send offers on behalf of GCS.

In an effort to ensure that you get the most out of your visits to our website, we may use your personal information in combination with other information we have about you as a GCS customer and information provided to us by third parties to present you with customized and relevant information and offers. To better meet your overall needs, we may also share your information with our affiliates who we believe can offer complementary goods and/or services to our customers or that we believe may be of particular interest to GCS customers.

Tracking Activity On Our Website

In order to make your visit to our website as productive as possible, we track website activity information such as navigational or technical information through the use of cookies, log files, text strings, browser setting and/or other tracking technology. However, we want you to know that the tracking technology we use does not identify any personal information about you. Such technology cannot retrieve data from your hard drive, pass on computer viruses, or capture any personal information about you, such as your name, address, phone number, or email address. We only know who you are if you tell us. You may, however, be asked to provide personal information such as name, address, phone number or email address to us when you register for online goods and/or services.

Cookies: One way we track activity is by using cookies. A "cookie" is an electronic file that holds small strings of text. When you visit our website, we send a cookie to your browser so that we can recognize it when you or another user of your computer return to our website. We want to recognize your browser so we can make the best use of your time when visiting our website. For example, when you visit our website, we present an introductory page to all new users. The fact that you have already visited the introductory page is recorded in a cookie so you won't see the introductory page again. For your security, if you are registered for online services and/or have an account with GCS we can not give you access to your account information on our website unless your browser is set to accept cookies from us.

Advertising: When you visit our website by clicking on certain banner ads or special offers on our partners' website, we track this information to improve navigation and deliver relevant information when you arrive at our website. We also do this because we want to determine if our ads and special offers are appealing to our users. In the course of serving our ads to you, a unique third-party cookie may be placed or recognized on your browser. In addition, we use web beacons, provided by our third-party ad server, to help manage and optimize our online advertising. These web beacons enable us to learn which ads we place on third-party sites bring users to our website. They do not capture or convey any personal or sensitive information about you.

Browser settings: You can adjust many browser preferences so that you are alerted when a cookie is placed in your browser, or adjust preferences to decline cookies altogether. Recognize that cookies enable you to visit our website without reviewing introductory information. In addition to allowing us to recognize you, cookies also enable us to securely provide our registered users with account information.

How We Use Your Email Address

We recognize that email can be the preferred mode of communication for some of our website users. If you provide us with your email address when registering for an online service or product or when accessing your account online, we will use it to contact you about online goods and/or services for which you have registered or about your account.

We may use your email address to send you the following types of email messages:

  • Service notifications related to your accounts(s)
  • Regularly scheduled email newsletters related to GCS
  • Products or services information
  • Optional email communications which you have signed up for newsletters
  • Occasional updates about our goods and/or services as well as GCS marketing offers
  • Valuable offers from non-affiliated companies that we send you on their behalf

Also, once you have requested information from us, we may communicate with you via email regarding your request to provide additional information related to your initial information request.

To make our email offers more relevant to you, we may use information you provided in your initial transaction with us, in surveys, from information we have about you as a GCS customer and information available from external sources such as census bureau data.

We do not share your email address with non-affiliated companies for them to market their products or services directly to you. However, we may partner with selected non-affiliated companies to offer certain products or services we believe may be of interest to you.

You may receive email offers from other companies for GCS goods and/or services if you registered to receive third-party offers on their website, or if you receive ongoing email newsletters from the other companies that include third-party ads. If you have recently opted out of receiving email offers from GCS, we will process and honor your request as soon as administratively possible. In certain circumstances, you may receive email offers for GCS goods and/or services from other companies during the time period when we are processing your opt-out request.

Your Opt-Out Choices

We strive to send you email communications that are informative and relevant, but also appreciate that you are in the best position to evaluate the type and frequency of our communications to you.

There are two types of email communications we will send to you: service communications and marketing communications. Service communications may include information about your online registration, verification that your account has been accessed online, in response to a service related inquiry or confirmation of an online transaction. Marketing communications may include information about GCS goods and/or services, newsletters, and joint or special offers or information from our selected non-affiliated companies and GCS affiliates.

All email offers and email newsletters sent to you by GCS provide instructions on how to opt-out of receiving future offers or newsletters. These instructions are located at the bottom of the email message. You may receive separate newsletters pertaining to different GCS goods and/or services that you are enrolled in automatically when you register for those products or services. In this case, you must reply to and decline the newsletters individually. If you opt-out, we will still send you email with service updates as well as other important information related to the GCS online products or services for which you have signed up.

For Non-U.S. Users

The GCS website is maintained on servers located in the United States and information collected by GCS is also stored on computers located in the United States. The United States may not offer a level of privacy protection for such personal information, as great as that offered in other jurisdictions. Therefore, the disclosure of personal information pursuant to this GCS Internet Privacy Policy is at your own risk. We make no representation that the practices described in the GCS Internet Privacy Policy are compliant with laws outside of the United States that apply to the collection, security, use and disclosure of personal information. GCS will use its best reasonable efforts to maintain the security of personal information. If you are accessing the website from the European Union, Asia, or any other region with laws or regulations governing personal data collection, use, and disclosure, that differ from United States laws, please be advised that through your continued use of our Services, you are transferring your personal information to the United States and you consent to that transfer.